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4. Vivo City

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sky park

It was a happy day. I finally visited The Jurong Bird Park. It was a place I would recommend to everyone who is visiting Singapore. And I decided to end the day with a stroll at Vivo City.

Umm.. not strolling at the Vivo City actually, but I was enjoying some view and breeze at the sky park. Have you ever visited it? It was  great escapade from all those malls swarming in Singapore. It had been awhile since my last visit. But I remembered that I came here during Christmas too. Sky park is always decorated extragavantly during Christmas. And that was why I would not want to miss this year scene. I went there around 6PM. People were also taking some shopping break and enjoy the air. I chose the dock viewing to The Resort City of Sentosa Island. I had never been there. Maybe some time later, I would be lucky enough to visit it. Later.


After finishing my apple, I decided to take a closer look to the giant Christmas tree. There is always this warm and comforting feeling when I gaze upon a Christmas tree even when it is on stranger’s island. Wow, Christmas is really coming. Another year is about to end.

trainIt was a really happy moment, being able to be in this place, alone, confident and hopeful, having the time and place to ponder on life. When the sky had became gloomy blue, it was a call for me to head to the mall. That was when I passed this train right underneath the giant Christmas tree. Everyone was busy taking photo with them. I wished I had someone with me just for the sake of taking photos, hehehe…

I kept on admiring the beautiful train and perhaps praying in heart that this train would bring me to my dreams, far… far… away. Yes, Christmas time, New Yar time, these are the time where we wish our dreams to come true. I wish my dreams will come true.

And with a big sigh, I closed my prayer and entered the mall, away from serenity to clattery, real life.

Written by Vallaura

November 27, 2012 at 5:43 PM

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