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Tex-Mex Christmas

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Having tried a lot of spanish and portuguese cuisine in the past days, I decided to go for some mexican. One of the places we visited is The ‘La Venganza de Malinche.’


IMG_0638This place was the first (note: first), mexican restaurant that we visited in Madrid. Its name literally translate as The Revenge of Malince. It had a huge skeleton drawing in front of the door. I don’t know whether it was a welcoming thing or not, but since the internet recommended it, we tried it anyway. When we entered the place, we liked it instantly. It was very vibrant with colors, wooden furniture, black-shirt waiters and nice ambience. All menus are in spanish of course, and my knowledge of mexican food suddenly down to zero.

IMG_0641We decided to take menu fo the day offer, since they are having fiesta mexicana with nachoterapia, whatever that means. We thought it was a good deal, we had appetizer, main course, drink, and dessert for 10.50 EUR. Compared to a la carte menu for 8EUR each. The food was very filling. And the taste was amazing. I really like their cream sauce and salsa verde. Ummh. Like it very very much. And the dessert was not a disappointment as well. Also, the waiters were very efficient and fine looking, I had to add. We visited their place in Plaza de San Maertin 2.



















tako-awayThe second place we visited was Tako Away in Calle de Atocha. I saw this place when I was about to catch the bus to the airport in Atocha Bus station. I just could not get it off my head. I thought I would never try it. But since it was located right across Teatro Kapital and we were so hungry after we went there, we decided to grab some food, a food to be exact. And I regretted it until now. I should have taken their menu or 3 tacos shells at least instead of just 1. (I am sorry I did not take any picture, I just took this from google images, so that you can see approximately how it looks like.) I ordered my taco with extra jalapenos for additional half euro. And I think you should do that if you love spicy food. It was amazingly insanely delicious.

CUA1xB8WoAAWNd_My friend got kukunachos (something sounds like it) and I think she likes it as well. She finished it at the same time like me, and she said she wasnt hungry. Yeah, right.

I was planning to go there the next day. But I guess lack of sleep made me looked at the opening hours worngly. I thought it was opened only during mornings. So, I decided to try another tex-mex place nearby ourplace or on the way to our destination.


o.jpgAnd I bought another taco menu the next morning at Slow Mex-Fuego Lento in Calle San Cincente Ferrer, just 5 min walk from our hostel, Mad4You. The waiter/bartender was very nice and charming. However, their food was horrible. 😦

Well, to be fair, maybe because I ordered it for take away and they did not know how to make a good mexican taco for take-away, unlike taco-away.


CKdCTqkWcAAKvCGI ordered Taco de ternera al carbon for 10 EUR. They gave me 1 small box of nachos, 3 small cups of different sauces and bowl of taco fillings and a box of 3 taco shells with sliced beefs. Of all they gave me, only the sauces that were horrible. But since the sauces were horrible, I could not add any flavor to the taco. And apparently, their concept was assemble-it-yourself tacos. So, I had to put the taco filling inside the shells that had beef inside. They did not give me any utensils how on earth could I pull that together when we were having lunch in a park? What’s worse was when I cleverly shovelled the filling with nachos to the taco shells, the taco went crumbling when I tried to hold it with my hands. The meat must have made it soggy that it broke into pieces. Ugh. It was so horrible to eat it.

I google image it and they seemed to have a good food. Maybe it was my fault to force them to make it for take away. My bad. Anyhow, suggestion for you, dont order taco for take away from this restaurant.

Hope you enjoy your food!

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