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The Good Unwanted Gift of Singleness

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Have you ever struggled?

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What we can tell reflect what we know.

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“We can know more than we can tell.”

– Michael Polanyi

Here I am again with my compendium. It’s module 2 now, the first reading, part 1 of the first reading to be exact. And I came across this sentence, “we can know more than we can tell”. Oh darn! I could not help it to write it here. My mind went explode when I read his sentence. I tried to be patient and finished reading the entire reading material but could. not. help. it. anymore.

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Happy Sunday, 19 Oct 2014!

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Today was a very wet day from the time I woke up at 6AM all the way to the time I was back from church at 3PM. I had the sense that everytime I got excited going to church, rain poured down. It was a bit emotional morning for me too. Passing 7/11 at Hellerup St., Nordhavn, Nørrebro lake, and Grace Café was really a crush to my heart. As if I was crying with the sky.

I met the Pastor as soon as I arrived at the church. He knows me and he knows him. He greeted me by name and smiled. One of his lines in his sermon was when you lose a friend, remember that God has something greater in store for you. You are the heir of His promise. He keeps His promises. Amen.

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