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I bless thee, Lord, because I GROW
Among thy trees, which in a ROW
To thee both fruit and order OW

What open force, or hidden CHARM
Can blast my fruit, or bring me HARM,
While the enclosure is thine ARM?

Enclose me still for fear I START,
But to me rather sharp and TART,
Then let me want thy hand and ART.

When thou dost greater judgments SPARE,
And with thy knife but prune and PARE,
Ev’n fruitful tress more fruitful ARE.

Such sharpness shows the sweetest FRIEND,
Such cuttings rather heal than REND,
And such beginnings touch their END.

another piece by G. Herbert. Genius.

Written by Vallaura

February 12, 2010 at 9:02 AM

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