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What you can do with your singleness…

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A couple of day before, I received an email from one of my girl best friends. She was in stress because she is longing to be with her Life Partner and build a family of her own.

Two days ago, I read a tweet posted by one of my girl friends, saying that she has a miserable life because nobody is missing her (romantically).

Yesterday, I got a short text message from my other girl best friend, telling me, in essence, she is dreaming to have a wealthy husband.

Being one of them, I cannot feel anything but the striving longing feeling of a life partner. However, I am currently melancholy in other way. For short, I am not really thinking about this at the moment. I mean, I think about it, but…thinking and worrying about it will never make me any better. You can be happy without being with someone. The key is contentment. Am I content with my life? No. I cried a lot. But, I always put this in my mind, hoping that someday, I can be content. So, for people like us, I just wanna share what I do on my singleness, that is, simply being single. (Check out my FB photos for the complete trip and story)

Written by Vallaura

March 28, 2010 at 1:51 AM

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